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Erica vs Erica

Hello My name Fritzline Erica Stsurin owner and founder of weightasecond movement, it’s been eight years I struggled with my weight,ever since I gave birth to my beautiful little baby girl. I was young, gain an entire 70 pounds through out my entire pregnancy I wasn’t the type to step away from the table if you know what I mean. I’m currently 5’4 on may 7,2020 I decided enough is enough,I had an Epiphany ,I saw my life going by and I wasn’t living the best version of myself, to many excuses As to why I can’t do it ,why I can’t stay consistent, however if I just knew what I know now ,I would have saved myself eight years of wasted time.Yes I said it ,wasted time with people such as so called friends that really was my friend or failed relationship that I had no business being in ,the fact of the matter is I wasn’t Happy,I settled. The best gift I could give myself was take my older brothers advice stop for a moment and date myself .Now you all probably Wondering that myself as in go out on a date restaurant skating, gun range...No it more then that it mean taking the time to self reflect to look within to see what not right in your life and fix it ,to stop making excuses, so I did,  i am half way through my 30lbs in my journey and I feel amazing, life feel Great,I wake up with so much joy in my heart know not only am i a 28 year old home owner, business owner ,mother ,model, and now Achieving each and every one of my goals .there no such word as I can’t , there just excuses ,I hope you read this and now it is possible to do anything you put you mind to ,it never to late.